About HLD

Adam Hubbard, Licensed Landscape Architect, Owner

Master's in Landscape Architecture, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Bachelor of Arts, Geography, University of Vermont.

Every day we have the opportunity improve the quality of the places that we live, work and play. Great places are the result of smart planning, sensible design and careful development.

Whether the space we build is a municipal park, apartment complex or your back yard, the users, planners, designers and builders all bring value to the table. Leveraging those values, with any given project, is one of the most important means for achieving success.

We have participated in the planning and design of residences, schools, hospitals, municipal facilities, senior housing, affordable housing, and commercial buildings. Exacting details and attention to quality are hallmarks of our work. We employ the latest tools, techniques and industry standards

We take special care to research current trends in urban design, community and economic development, land development and land use planning. Our work relies on a variety of technical planning and design tools, including GIS, CAD, SketchUp and Photoshop to layout constraints, visualize ideas and produce design plans that contractors can accurately bid on.